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There once were three ladies who dwelt in the Land of Harmony.  There was Laura who sang pretty harmony very, very high.  This sound was pleasing - to no one! Then there was Michelle, who grumbled notes that sounded very low.  This sound, too, was not pleasing.  The third lady, Donna, sang harmony notes that no one had ever heard before.  Because the notes were very, very strange, this harmony was not pleasing to the ear, either.
One day a lady named Jennifer strolled through the Land of Harmony singing pretty notes of melody.  This sound was very pleasing but a bit empty.  Don't you know that the four of them met, fell in love with their respective sounds and decided to blend them all together.  This sound was very pleasing, indeed!
They now all sing together and have lived happily ever after as SIDEKICKS quartet for ten years.
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