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WICKED formed as a quartet in Sweet Adelines International in December 2017.  The lead, bass, and tenor are members of the Greater Harmony Chorus, and the baritone is a member of Lakeridge Legacy Chorus.  The bass is also a member of the City of Lakes Chorus.

 Katie Accetta - lead.  Formerly bi-sectional, newlywed Katie has settled into the lead part with gusto.  She is an accountant at Single Source Property Solutions.  She lives in McKees Rocks, Pa.

 Allison Hengelsberg - bass.  A barbershop devoteé, Allison sings in two choruses 850 miles apart from each other.  When she’s not singing, she manages her three children and barbershopper husband.  She lives in Allison Park, Pa.  Allison from Allison Park.  : )

Alyssa Lang - baritone.  Alyssa is a barbershop brat born of the legendary Buffoon tradition.  She is tearing up nursing school at Kent State when she isn't tearing up chords.  She lives in Cortland, Ohio.

 Nancy Conway - tenor.  A barbershop brat who got old, Nancy is an administrative assistant in the Computer Science Dept. at Carnegie Mellon University.  She lives in Murrysville, Pa.